Thaumaturge - AoE Farm King auramancy defense dps pve pvp sorcery
Guide by tehmaker Last update at Oct 28th 2014, 13:31

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I can't beat the sniper bid bots in the auction house any more so I manually farm coinpurses in highly condensed areas of mobs. After days of trying out various caster AoE builds, I've finally found my favorite for mana efficiency, survivability, and damage.


Who to pull

The ideal mobs are slow melee classes with lower health and/or damage and no interrupts/knockdowns/knockbacks. If you wish to farm jester pouches like myself, the mobs must be level 41+. Ranged mobs are out of range of your damage so they must be melee only. Depending on how many mobs you're pulling, how well your geared, buffed, etc, you'll want to pull mobs several levels lower than your character.

How to pull

You want to pull with your bow at max range, continuously strafing and pulling more mobs until you are comfortable to start your rotation. You want to avoid as much damage as you can until you're forced to remain stationary when your rotation begins. Always pull the farthest mobs first to avoid damage until you can begin casting. Find a specific mob or cluster of mobs that you will pull the rest of the mobs to, then allow your other aoe's to pull the centralized mob that you had yet to touch.

How many to pull?

However many you are comfortable with, experiment with it. I always aim for maximum mana efficiency and use my spells to kill as many mobs as safely possible. This could be a flat 5-8 mobs at a time. I would recommend finding your comfort zone and sticking with that number. Deaths are inevitable but obviously want to be avoided.

Equipment and buffs

I use full plate with a scepter and shield for a decent amount of absorbtion. I also use HP and intellect food buffs, you can get the lower rank versions super cheap. The halcyona victory buff and the quicksilver flask increase your loot and of course help farming outcome but are not necessary. (Yes these buffs apply to opening coinpurses)


should all be active before pulling any mobs.

Use your teleportation to create distance from mobs while pulling them, staying at max range.
After pulling desired mobs cast a pre-emptive
and do the following:

  • Cast

  • Cast

  • Stop and stand on circle

  • Cast
    to apply a chill

  • Cast
    to finish up the bulk of the mobs

  • Use
    to zap any remaining weaklings

  • is on standby for nuking any mob not hit by the rest of your aoe

  • Post-Combat

  • Cast
    , eat food, and use your lute to heal.

  • Use
    and/or drink any soup to restore mana if necessary

  • Re apply your


  • Watch the cooldown on your spells before pulling next group. Not having a spell in the rotation can be your death - Invincibility is amazing for waiting out a vital cooldown in your rotation.

  • Be careful with patrolling mobs that may run in to your AoE.

  • The maximum amount of mobs that can be AoE'd at once is 8. Any more than that drastically reduces your damage and makes it much more difficult to destroy them all.

  • You can eat restoration food before pulling as an additional Heal over time to alleviate mob damage.

  • Be sure to utilize your glider along with teleportation to create distance and avoid damage.
  • Author

    You can see this build and more live in action on my twitch, found here. Also be sure to follow my twitter found here to find out when I go live.