SpellSinger Guide - HIGH DPS Mage class (Legacy/Unchained) dps pvp shadowplay songcraft sorcery spellsinger
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  • 4. Your worst enemy
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This guide was made some years back with the Spellsinger build I used then. I still use it to the day with some tweaks on Legacy, and so far it's been working great on Unchained's PTS. Guide will be updated fully and properly once Unchained releases so I can be 100% sure of the skills/armor/weapons etc that will be best used with it.
Ignore all the passives I chosen, this website is a bit out of date and doesn't automatically unlock them like the game does for a while now. I just randomly chose some. Other than that, 90% of the skills are up-to-date.

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Skill Rotation Suggestions



SpellSinger is a class better played with high DPS, therefore you should go for max Int gear.

With that said, you'll be paper. The class is focused on high dps and quick bursting, so you'll need a good weapon.

I gave T4 Obsidian Katana and T4 Obs Dagger a try, and while I loved the cast time, I gotta say, nothing compares to a staff.

So, for an average player, it'll be easy to be a viable SpellSinger.
An average summary:

Armor: (at least Celestial) T4 Obsidian, with fillers of Delphinad/Ayanad Wave pieces.

Weapon: (at least Divine) T4 Staff, personaly recommend an Ayanad Wave staff, better and cheaper than obsidian

Bow: Delph/Ayanad Wave bow gemmed with Cast Time and/or MagDef penetration

Instrument: Giving the Obsidian Flute a try as it gives PhysDef, something I desperately need as a clothie

Gemming, is simple. big phat honor gems on Shirt and Pants. Go for phys def on head, phys def and move speed on feet. Everything else PhysDef

Accessories : Delphinad/Ayanad Wave Earrings/Neck and Delp/Ayanad Life/Wave rings.

Your worst enemy

Pointy things.

Any pointy thing is your enemy.

Especially pointy things with the ability to break off your stun/fear, and got high mobility.

By focusing on Int in armor, you'll have low HP. By using cloth, you'll have low PhysDef, and while you could get big PhysDef gems in your armor, and get an Epic buff or something, pointy things will hurt.

That's why you should not hug your enemy! By having
up before any fight, you can run and cast
, plus freeze whoever gets on them. Can also use
, the more hurt they are, the less they'll want to chase you.


Ancestral Skills



Spellsinger is a class with ok mobility (enigmatist got more), high DPS and the ability to burst targets down in no time. While most of its DPS depends on combos and crits, it's really easy to get used to it.
It can mainly be played as a glass cannon class. If you sacrifice dps to get more survivability you defeat the whole purpose of the class and you're better off playing Daggerspell.
This guide was made a long time ago, yet still works.

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Trion cucked it in 4.5 , currently trying to find out how to play it with the new combos and skills, not sure if I'll stick to it, find another magic class or just switch to archery as it seems to be the class Trion favors the most atm